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    We participate in every task with passion and focus. We lead meaningful changes as we take ownership of our work.

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    We look at each item and phenomenon from our unique perspective. We willingly adopt new ways and constantly challenge ourselves.

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    We strive for a transparent and ethical corporate culture. We handle our tasks ethically and legally, while establishing a fair trade order so as to pursue sustainable growth and development for the company.


Technical Competitiveness

We have successfully commercialized AED(Automatic Exposure Detection) technology and developed a Hybrid TDI(Time Delayed Integration) sensor based on the core circuitry design, optics, machinery, and image processing technologies we possess.

Vieworks is developing and supplying solutions suitable for digital detectors, industrial cameras, and in vivo imaging systems through our distinctive technological leadership.


Rewarding employees with respect
and merit-based compensation

Having experienced rapid growth, Vieworks acknowledges the value and importance of our employees who have been the foundation for such growth and shares the growth of the company with them.

We openly share our performance results through sound management principles, thus providing a happier workplace that allows employees to maintain their work-life balance.

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Self-motivated R&D Corporate Culture

We make sure to create an environment in which all employees can continue to work happily. Since half of our staff (including executives) are engineers, we strive to treat our employees with respect as 'human beings' instead of 'functional components' and support them systematically and culturally so that they can concentrate on their research in the best possible environment.


  • Work-life

    Flexitime (8am-5pm, 9am-6pm, 10am-7pm) | Quarter-day time-off system | Long-term employee holiday (1-month paid vacation after 7 years of employment) | Support for employee club activities | Operation of in-house cafeteria | Operation of employee-benefit shop

  • Support for life events

    Support for congratulations and condolences program (graduation, marriage, 60th birthday, etc.) | Support for housing fund | Support for boarding house (max 2 years) | Support for educational expenses for children of employees | Compensation for accidents and disasters

  • Health

    General medical check-up | Compensation for medical expenses | Insurance for sickness and injury

  • Self-development

    Support for foreign language education | Support for physical fitness | Support for overseas training and obtaining degrees (when employing key talent)

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