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Vieworks X-ray Flat Panel Detectors.
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Vieworks develops x-ray flat panel detectors and image-processing technologies suitable for various applications. X-ray flat panel detector is a device that detects x-rays passed through objects like the human body and converts them into a visible image. Vieworks is solidly positioned as a global x-ray detector provider by providing integrated solutions of both hardware and software such as the viewer program powered by advanced image processing technology.

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X-ray flat panel detectors are used in various applications; besides the general radiography system, they are also used in dental and surgical C-arm systems, R/F (radiography & fluoroscopy) system, veterinary radiography system, industrial inspection instrument and more. Since the medical device business area handles human life, it must be backed by products of high technology and reliability. VIVIX, the brand launched in 2011, has demonstrated its differentiated performance through the stable AED (automatic exposure detection) and outstanding image processing technology. VIVIX also has presented reliability by acquiring various certifications such as FDA and CE. Furthermore, winning various design awards such as Red Dot and iF design, the user-oriented design of the detector has been recognized.

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As the convergence of imaging technologies takes place rapidly, x-ray imaging solutions are also diversifying and getting more advanced. In line with this trend, Vieworks is strengthening the analysis of the user environment along with investing in fundamental technologies. Vieworks will continue to work hard to offer innovative x-ray imaging solutions.

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