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Vieworks develops a bio-imaging system based on world-class optical and image processing technologies. The in vivo imaging system, a type of bio-imaging system, is the preclinical small animal imaging system, which is used to study the anatomical structure and function of laboratory animals or the pharmacological response in living animals.

Having launched VISQUE®, the bio imaging system brand, in 2015, Vieworks successfully entered the in vivo imaging system market which had been dominated by overseas manufacturers. In particular, VISQUE® is highly economical that it can be purchased in private or unit laboratories, significantly lowering the barrier to enter for animal experiments.

The VISQUE® models use the sCMOS camera with the thermoelectric cooling technology to ensure image quality even in a low light environment. Vieworks also provides software with the algorithm optimized for pharmacokinetics and biodistribution so that the users can easily conduct pharmacokinetic and biodistribution analysis and quantify the results.

Winning the award from Red Dot, the VISQUE InVivo Imaging systems have earned recognition for not only the product technology but also its design convenience and usability.

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As one of the global imaging leaders, Vieworks is constantly developing technologies to support easy and convenient research and precision analysis activities. Starting with the in vivo imaging system, Vieworks is committed to leading a new paradigm by supplying innovative bio-imaging systems to the market.

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