Convergence technology drives the future of flat panel detectors


- World's first Automatic Exposure Detection technology establishes flat panel detector market, advances with lighter weight, new materials.

- Focusing on integrated solutions with convergence technologies to meet trends such as denoising and diagnostic assistance


The x-ray detector market is undergoing a technological paradigm shift as it has evolved from digital transformation to software areas such as artificial intelligence.

Vieworks, a leading provider of medical and industrial imaging solutions, recently announced that it will lead new future technologies by applying convergence solutions that include not only performance improvements such as high resolution and light weight, but also software such as denoising and artificial intelligence based diagnostic assistance to the 'VIVIX' series of flat panel X-ray detectors launched 12 years ago.

In this regard, an official from Vieworks said, "We are focusing on developing integrated solutions that have evolved into convergence technologies such as denoising and diagnostic assistance, which are global trends this year." "We have developed and entered the commercialization stage of 'Deep Denoising,' a deep learning-based solution that improves the clarity of diagnostic images by removing noise generated when taking low-dose X-rays."

Flat panel detectors emerged more than a decade ago as a key component in global medical imaging, replacing traditional analog computed radiographs. Vieworks pioneered the digital transformation of analog x-ray equipment with the introduction of the world's first Automatic Exposure Detection technology in 2012 with the VIVIX series of flat panel x-ray detectors.

The 'VIVIX' series was the first wireless flat panel x-ray detector in Korea to obtain U.S Food and Drug Administration approval in addition to European CE certification in the year of its release. As a result of increasing market share in developed countries such as North America and Europe based on image acquisition performance and product stability, the proportion of sales accounted for by flat panel x-ray detectors has increased from 1% in 2011 to 66% in 2023, and sales of static x-ray detectors have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8% over the past six years.

Since then, the flat panel x-ray detector has been advanced into a customized solution for each field by applying lightweight design and new materials according to market demand. Vieworks' cutting-edge static X-ray detector, VIVIX-S FW, has a flexible polyimide film substrate instead of glass on its surface, making it more than 25% lighter than its predecessor, while also enhancing its impact resistance.

The dental video detector VIVIX-D is equipped with an IGZO(indium gallium zinc oxide) TFT (thin-film transistor) to dramatically increase the image quality and frame rate of medical images, and has recently been expanding its application to mobile C-arm and mammography.

Meanwhile, Vieworks has recently linked its dedicated imaging diagnostic software, VXvue, with veterinary diagnostic solution to strengthen its market competitiveness in its core markets of North America and Europe.

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