Showcasing Sub-Micro Inspection Solutions at Smart Factory & Automation World


- Field demonstrations of various concepts including Area Scan, TDI(Time Delayed Integration) Line Scan, sub-micro level solutions, and more

Vieworks, a leading provider of medical and industrial imaging solutions, announced today that it is participating in the '2024 Smart Factory & Automation World Exhibition (SF+AW 2024), being held at COEX in Seoul from 27th to 29th, and showcasing integrated solutions and components optimized for sub-micro level inspection, including industrial cameras and X-ray detectors.

On the first day of the exhibition, Vieworks exhibited a differentiated product lineup with ultra-high resolution and high speed, including 15 industrial cameras, 20 industrial lenses (VEO Series), and 3 X-ray detectors, at its booth in Hall B. In particular, the company attracted attention with public demonstrations of its new sub-micro inspection solution, VEO Focus, which was introduced in January, display panel inspection and secondary battery surface inspection using Area Scan cameras, and printed circuit board inspection using TDI Line Scan cameras.

VEO Focus, developed by Vieworks, is a solution that combines a highly sensitive industrial camera with an optimized high magnification lens to inspect sub-micro level defects and maximize production yield. It is specialized for industries that require large-area, high-magnification imaging, such as OLED and Micro LED displays, semiconductor wafers, secondary batteries, and printed circuit board defect inspection, and can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The high-resolution TDI(Time-Delayed Integration) line scan camera VTDI, a component of VEO Focus, is a hybrid sensor lineup developed by Vieworks. By combining the best features of Charge-Coupled Device and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensors, the TDI combines sharp image quality and fast image processing speed to deliver clear images even in ultra-high speed shooting environments.

In addition, the optimized lens "VEO Series" can be combined to acquire high-quality images in the entire inspection area. The VEO Series is an industrial lens developed by Vieworks in collaboration with Global lens maker Schneider to target the high-end inspection equipment market, and when combined with the VTDI Series, it can detect defects as small as 0.35 micrometers (), further enhancing inspection precision.

In the field of industrial X-ray detectors, the company introduced three models: the VIVIX-V 1724DH, VIVIX-V 3131R and VIVIX-V 4343D. The 1724DH and 3131R adopt the latest panel technology, IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide), and are specialized for In-Line Inspection, and are components of a complete inspection system that can detect internal defects in production in real time when applied to a process.

"With the emerging demand for sub-micro inspection equipment driven by the quantitative and technological growth of the display and semiconductor sectors, we introduced new optical solutions for ultra-precise inspection earlier this year, and our advanced machine vision solutions will be on display at the event", said a Vieworks representative.

On-site Video
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