Vieworks Expands Deployment of AI Diagnostic Assistants in Veterinary Market


- Leveraging Vieworks' Global Customer Network to Expand Veterinary Medical Imaging Solutions Across North America and Europe
- Provides integrated medical imaging solution with x-ray detector, image acquisition software, and AI diagnostic assistant service

Vieworks, a medical and industrial imaging solution company, is collaborating with SK Telecom to accelerate the spread of integrated medical imaging solutions in the global veterinary market.

Vieworks announced on the 17th that it has signed a supply agreement to integrate its image processing software 'VXvue' with SK Telecom's pet AI diagnostic assistant service 'X Caliber' at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) held in Orlando, USA on the 15th (local time).

Through this supply agreement, Viewworks plans to launch an integrated medical imaging solution including ▲ X-ray detector ▲ image acquisition software ▲ AI diagnostic assistant service in the animal diagnosis market within the first half of this year. This will allow Vieworks to strengthen its market competitiveness in North America and Europe, where it already has large customers, while providing a foothold to enter new markets.


VXvue, developed by Vieworks, is a user-friendly image processing software that performs post-processing of clinical images acquired through X-ray detectors. It is equipped with high-performance image processing algorithms that enhance the clarity of clinical images, and it is characterized by the ability to provide options for each field, such as human and veterinary (pets and equine), depending on the diagnosis target.

When 'VXvue' is linked to 'X-Caliber' developed by SKT, it will be possible to analyze clinical X-ray images of animals such as dogs and cats and provide abnormal findings for musculoskeletal and thoracic diseases within 15 seconds. Post-processing of the images, along with information such as the location of the disease and the probability of the lesion, will dramatically improve veterinary care. Currently, X- Caliber AI's diagnostic scope is rapidly expanding to include: 7 canine musculoskeletal diseases, 10 thoracic diseases, 16 abdominal diseases, and heart size (VHS) measurement; and 5 feline thoracic diseases, 7 abdominal diseases, and heart size (VHS) measurement.

Based on this supply agreement, the two companies will create synergies and expand sales in the global pet healthcare market, which is experiencing steep growth. SKT is currently a leader in the field of AI healthcare solutions for pets by spreading X-Caliber to more than 500 domestic hospitals, and is actively exploring overseas markets based on recent partnerships with global medical device distributors.
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