Vieworks ‘VIVIX-S FW series' Wins ‘2023 iF Design Award’


Vieworks’ latest X-ray detector 'VIVIX-S FW series' has been awarded with prestigious ‘2023 iF Design Awards’. 

About 'VIVIX-S FW' Series


Optimal Solution


-      High resolution images with 99 micro meters pixel pitch

-      Semi-dynamic feature (multi-frame mode)


Excellent Durability


-      Excellent water and dust resistance (IP67)


-      Unbreakable Glass-free TFT


Mobility & Ergonomics


-      Longer lasting battery (16 hours)


-      Convenient charging: Variety of charging methods(cradle, wireless, USB-C interface)


-      Easy usage: OLED status screen, AP button for setting change, Detector sharing function


-      Lighter weight to provide better portability


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